An Investment Partnership Committed to Creating Value for Our Investors, Communities, and Companies


Flexible Capital Solutions | Relationship-Oriented Partner

RLJ Credit partners with growth-oriented companies to provide bespoke financing solutions

Private Credit

Secured and unsecured credit strategies to support lower middle market businesses

Structured Equity

A range of capital solutions that includes preferred equity and hybrid preferred/credit solutions

Social Impact

A thematic driven approach incorporating social considerations, in a measurable way, to deliver both financial returns and societal impact

who we are

About  Us


Founded in 2011, RLJ Credit is an alternative investment management firm specializing in private credit and preferred equity strategies.

our services

Investment Approach

RLJ Credit provides flexible debt and equity capital solutions to U.S.-based companies

Partnership Capital

We provide bespoke financing solutions for both private equity sponsored and non-sponsored companies.

Investing for Growth

Capital can be used to finance organic growth, acquisitions, and/or recapitalizations.

Limited Equity Dilution

Our capital solutions often come in forms that limit the dilution of existing equity owners. These include growth-oriented credit, preferred equity, or hybrid preferred equity/credit solutions.


Our Leadership

RLJ Credit is an asset management firm that specializes in middle-market private credit and structured equity strategies. Founded in 2011 by Robert L. Johnson and Trevoir D. Gregg, RLJ Credit leadership has provided strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of companies.

Robert L. Johnson

Founder & Senior Advisor

Trevoir D. Gregg

Founder & Managing Partner


Core Values

Investing patient capital in a manner that is transparent, expeditious, and long-term relationship oriented.